Learn the do's and don'ts of basic dog training

Private dog training at United K9 Academy is an excellent way to get real results with your dog, but most training is likely happening at home. Here are a few do's and don'ts of simple dog training:

  • DO reward your dog immediately for good behavior.
  • DON'T correct your dog for something done hours ago like peeing on the carpet.
  • DO be consistent with your tone and word choice.
  • DON'T lose your temper while training.
  • DO teach one command at a time.
  • DON'T finish a training session on a bad note.
Training takes practice for both you and your dog. Schedule your private dog training classes at United K9 Academy to learn from local professionals in your area. If you can not find your area in locations please contact us at our Headquarters Location in Caddo Mills, TX.