Training Programs 

Free Consultation!

What is a Free Consultation?

This is where one of our professional dog trainers evaluates your dog and talks about your goals. Together we will find what training program and training methodology will work for your dog.

Note: If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time there will be $20 fee. 




Note: All Training Lessons if you don't cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appoinment you will forfeit that lesson. 

Private Lesson

Private lessons can be basic through advance training. This is where you and the professional will work as one to guide you and dog to your goals. We make sure that you understand what you have to do when you go home and practice with your dog.

Off Leash Training

Tired of when your dog doesn't come when called from a distance. We can help with that as well. We will work at your home and public places to make sure your dog is trained to the fullest of its ability.

Board and Train Program

Don't have time for training?
Don't live close to us?

Let us do the work for you. We understand that dog training is not easy and takes time. We offer varying lengths of board and train programs (1-4 weeks) depending on your goals. Although your dog will be trained through the program, it is also important that you understand how to keep up with the training. Clients will receive private lessons after training has been completed to ensure a successful transition back home.

Puppy Program (8 weeks-5 months)

Get started early! Our puppy class is an introduction to basic obedience. We will cover potty training, chewing, crate training, and various puppy behaviors. It will make training much easier as your dog starts to mature, and build a bond that will last a lifetime. Puppy classes are private and can be held in home or public parks (if puppies have all their shots).

Doggie Camp

Don't want your dog to stay overnight with a trainer because you'll miss them and you don't have time for training yourself?

Don't worry about it we thought of you too! We'll do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy with our professional trainers and you can feel confident knowing your dog will be well-cared for while being worked in high distraction environments and being socialized when you're off at work or school.

Behavior Modification

Dealing with dogs that have aggression, shyness/timid, people aggressive dogs require a different approach. With our behavior modification program we help change unwanted behavior and show you how to keep it managed.

Group Class

Private lessons aren't the only thing you will need! Group Classes is the key for having that dream dog you're always wanted. Group classes are where you will train your dog with the highest level of distractions.

Deaf Dog Training

Wait what Deaf Dog Training?

Yes we can do that as well! A person with a deaf dog has a unique opportunity to communicate with their dog as the animal they are. We use hand signals, energy, and most importantly body language to communicate that we want the dog to sit, down, back up, come and much more.

Service Dog Training

Service dogs assist people with physical, neurological, or psychological disabilities to perform everyday tasks. They help people overcome limitations caused by the disability and increase their independence and freedom. They can provide alerts before the handler experiences a medical problem or assist when the problem occurs. They provide a wide range of assistance to address every kind of physical limitation. They alert people with hearing impairment to sounds such as doorbells or ringing phones. They can help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, or Traumatic Brain Injury to function successfully in public, helping them to feel secure and easing stressful situations. Each service dog/handler team is individually trained to address the unique needs of the handler.

Therapy Dog Training

Thousands of facilities have opened their doors to Pet Partners therapy animal visits. Well-trained and thoroughly screened handlers and their animals can benefit the health and well-being of people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers and many other facilities.

United Therapy Dog Team coming soon!

Foster Program

A foster home is needed to help an animal transition from the stress of having been abandoned at a shelter. For some dogs, they will need to stay in a foster home until they are adopted.

Our mission is to help and guide these dogs and also the Foster family. We offer once a week a free hour group class for the dogs in foster care, and hoping it will help to find a forever home for them faster.

Sport Protection Club

This is where we work in a group or private setting on sport protection. We strive to keep it fun and safe for the dogs and handlers.

We also offer different types of scent work as well.

Bite Prevention

Do your kids walk home from school and your worried they might run into a dog that's not friendly?

Does your company work on private or public property where they could run into a dog?

We will come to your company or your child's school to teach them how not to get bit by a dog.

Pack Walks

Once or Twice a month we will get together and go for a walk. Pack walks are fun for both dog and owners.

Trick Classes

Trick are always fun to learn! It gives you a chance to show off your dog and the skills they have.

Doggie Fitness Classes

Does your vet tell you that your dog needs to get in shape?

Well we have just the class for you. you will work with a professional trainer to help your dog get in shape.