Kerstin Joslin-Niebergall

Craig is an amazing trainer... Professional all the way... You need a trainer for your dog you found him !!!
MAR 23, 2016

Lori McCracken Dahrouge

Craig is extremely professional, knowledgeable and truly amazing with not only training my service dog, but training me on how to work with my service dog. She is still a pup, but with just after two sessions her and I both have made great strides. I can not say enough great things about Craig and United K9 Academy
MAR 23, 2016

Melissa Reyna

Craig is an awesome trainer. He's very knowledgeable about what it is you and your dog may need to succeed.
MAR 23, 2016

Patricia Mintonye Breedlove

Gracie has blossomed since I took starting her to Craig for training. She is so eager to learn and she responds well to him. This is the best thing I could have done for Gracie since she lost her brother in October.
JAN 10, 2016

Kristy Leonard

Craig is amazing. He's a very knowledgeable trainer that will keep you and your pets safety and best interest in mind. I would recommend Craig to anyone. From obedience training to working with dangerous dogs, Craig is the trainer for you! I've seen him work miracles!
DEC 4, 2015

Chris Joslin

Didn't expect much of our 10 year old knucklehead lab, but he's come so far in just two lessons, I am totally impressed with Craig and his approach to dog training. If our Duke can do it, any dog can!
DEC 6, 2015

Michael Watts

I purchased a trained dog from Veloxk9 absolutely great dog 100% satisfied.
NOV 16, 2015

Shawn Mueller

Craig is an amazing trainer. I couldn't believe the difference his session made with our dog Medusa. She use to be the dog that we could never control and would destroy everything in her path. Never ever could we expect to our little girl achieve a level of obedience like this.
JAN 1, 2015

Sean Lyons

My Alaskan malamute Yakone has been training with United K9 Academy to be a service dog for me and is doing phenomenal I would recommend
NOV 17, 2015

Tommie Polizzotti , Happy Client

My German Shepherd Stryker has a lot of fear based aggression. I thought that I would never be able to take him anywhere in public because i was afraid that he would get aggressive and I wouldn't be able to control him. When we would have people over to our home, we would have to put Stryker in his crate. He would bark incessantly. I couldn't even take him to the vet to update his shots, because he was so horrible and hard to control. I looked into training for him and everywhere I found either didn't deal with dogs like mine, or were incredibly cost prohibitive. Until I found Craig. He is absolutely amazing with Stryker. After our first lesson, Stryker was already a different dog. Craig trains not only the dog, but the owner as well. He has corrected bad habits that I had that affected Stryker's behavior. He is also very affordable. He even took the time out of his schedule to accompany us to the vet, so I could get Stryker's vaccines updated. While we are still early in the training process I am thankful that I hired him, and his experience and guidance is worth much more than what he is charging me. I would highly recommend United K9 Academy to anyone needing training for their dogs.
JAN 1, 2015

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